If the Tutor has provided grades or feedback on a Turnitin assignment submission, students are able to view it in the Feedback Studio area of the Turnitin activity. 


NOTE: Grades and Feedback will only be available after the Post Date has passed.


To view Grades and feedback from your Tutor:


  1. Go to your course and click into the Turnitin activity

  2. Check the Post date of the assignment is past

  3. Go to the My Submissions tab and click the ‘blue pencil’ icon under Grade:

  4. The Feedback Studio window will open and you will see your assignment submission and any feedback from your Tutor.







Hover your mouse pointer over the ‘speech bubble’ icons to see specific comments from your Tutor, these comments may be throughout your submission.



Overall comments are given by your Tutor regarding your whole paper. 

This may include comments on positive aspects of your paper, how you can improve in future, or any issues with your paper.



If a Rubric is used to grade your assignment submission you can view this in a ‘new window’ by clicking the View Rubric button.



Students can download a PDF copy of their submission or view additional information by clicking these icons:


Click to download the:

  1. Current view
  2. Digital receipt
  3. Original submitted file

Click to display submission Information e.g. submission dates, file details, word and page count etc.


For more information about comments and feedback go to: Paper Feedback


Contact your Tutor if you have any questions about your feedback or grades.