As a Tutor in a Moodle course you can add Activities and Resources for you students to engage with. When a course is created / rolled over it is the Tutor's responsibility to make sure all activities or resources are set up correctly and working as expected.

If a student contacts you to advise they are unable to access an activity or resource in a Moodle course check the following:

1. Is the activity or resource visible to students?

2. Do the activity or resource settings allow the student access?

3. If Groups are enabled has the student been added to the group?

Tutors can use the 'Switch role to' option to view a course as a student.

If a student contacts you to advise there is a broken activity or resource in a Moodle course go to the course and check the indicated link. If the activity or resource does not display as expected you will need to replace the file, find the correct URL or adjust the activity or resource settings.

To update an activity or resource:

1. Go to the course and turn Edit Mode on by clicking the slider button at the top-right of the Moodle page:

2. Go to the activity or resource and select the 3 ellipses at the right-hand side of the activity or resource name:

3. Choose Edit settings from the list

4. Make the required changes e.g. replace the file, add the correct URL, adjust the settings etc.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save and return to course button to save the changes:

Why is a link broken?

There are many reasons a link or activity may not be accessible, some possible reasons are:

  • The file location may have changed
  • The website URL may have changed
  • You do not have permission to access the resource or activity
  • You need to login to a specific website to view the details
  • You may not have the right software to open the link

If you find an activity or resource does not work and you need support fixing it, email the Teaching Innovation and Research (TIR) team: with details of the error including:

  • Course name
  • Section name
  • Link or activity name
  • Any other details
  • A screenshot of the error (if possible)

One of the team will contact you to troubleshoot the issue.