Student Logs:

At a glance, you can see when students in the course last logged into Moodle.

If you click on the name of a particular student you can see an Activity Report

This produces are chart of hits on the course and a description of each action.

The same window also allows you to see statistics and grades. You can also message individual students.


Activity Completion

Moodle docs Activity Completion

There are three options:

  • Do not indicate activity completion - this will not show checks (ticks) next to the activity
  • Students can manually mark the activity as completed - students press the check (tick) to change it. (Note: they can do this even without doing the activity!)
  • Show activity as complete when conditions are met - the selected completion criteria must be met before the check (tick) will change style

This adds a tickbox to the side of an activity on the course to see if it has been completed.

To add Activity Completion:

  • Settings cog
  • Edit settings
  • Completion tracking




Moodle docs Gradebook

Certain activities in Moodle write to the Gradebook, such as Assignment, Quiz, H5P, Workshop, Lesson.

To view the Gradebook:

There are different views for class or individual





Moodle docs Quiz

Quiz Quick Guide

Very useful but needs time. It does create a question bank that helps create more quizzes in the future and useful to have a range of questions for random selection. It is possible to import and Question Bank from another course. 

  • Settings Cog
  • More
  • Question bank

Quiz activities write to Gradebook.



H5P website

H5P Moodle page WelTec moodle page with examples

A moodle plugin where you can make a range of interactive activities for students.  Simple ones such as Drag the Words, Mark the Words and Fill in the Blanks are very quick to make by copying and pasting from Word docs. Interactive videos can be made by streaming from Youtube and Hotspots to identify sections on an image. Over 30 types of activity with a range of behavioral settings, hints, try again, can’t skip forward, etc. You can download existing ones, upload to your course and edit very easily.

H5P activities write to Gradebook.