There are a range of services available that provide support.  We recommend contacting your tutor if you are unsure about where you can go to get support.

Student Guide

Check out the Student Guide which provides all the information you need as a student, including all of the services and facilities available to you.


Password and technical support

Contact ICT Services for password support.  Their office hours are 8.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

ICT Service Centre
Phone: (04) 830 3150

Academic support

We recommend that you contact your tutor as your first port of call for any academic related questions, particularly those questions that relate to your course materials and course work.

Our Learner support team are here to help you succeed in your study. Their contact details are listed below:

Learning Support Services

Phone: 0800 141 121


Other support services

You will find a list of all of our support services for students on our website see: 

If you are still unsure where to go for help contact your tutor.