The Adobe Flash Player is currently being phased out and will no longer be supported from 31st December 2020 due to increasing security vulnerabilities with the technology. This means, flash content and components will no longer work from 31st December 2020 including any learning materials that have been developed using Flash technology (see: ).  This would include any SCORM packages and interactive materials (based on Flash technologies) that you may be using within your Moodle courses for teaching and learning.

Due to the phasing out of Adobe Flash Player, browser software such as Google Chrome have been configured to block Flash content from working. You will need to reconfigure your browser software to allow Flash content to continue to work.  It is unlikely that Flash content will be supported and will no longer work once it is phased out completely after the 31st December 2020.  

Teaching staff contact the Teaching Innovation and Research Team (Contact: to arrange a time to look at alternative options to convert the material to a different and supported format.

The following will provide step-by-step instruction to enable and install the Flash Player for Google Chrome and to allow Flash components to load and work while using the WelTec Moodle website.

  1. Go to the WelTec Moodle website:

  2. Click on the padlock icon to view the site information:

                                 [Site information options]

  3.  You will need to change the option for Flash to Allow. This configuration setting will allow the Chrome Browser to load any flash components on the WelTec Moodle website such as SCORM packages within your Moodle courses:

                       [Change the Flash setting to Allow]

  4. To update your settings to the WelTec Moodle site, click the [Reload] button that will appear at the top of the page:
                        [Click [Reload] to update your Flash plugin settings for the Chrome Browser to the site]

  5. Once you have made the change to your flash site settings for Google Chrome it should now successfully allow you to open any Flash components from WelTec Moodle: