There are three ways to export your e-portfolio depending on how you wish to use it later.

  • Secret URL
  • Standalone HTML
  • Leap2A

Secret URL

This creates a URL link that you can email to possible employers so they can see your portfolio. As this is a link and not a folder it is much smaller and easier to email.


In Mahara go to:
  • Burger menu
  • Portfolio
  • Shared by me
Find the portfolio you need and click on the world icon  in the SECRET URLS column.
Click new secret URL button

You can copy the URL and email it to the relevant people.
If you email it to yourself you will have a copy of it that you can email again in the future.

To Edit the Secret URL
You can edit the amount of time that the URL will remain active
  1. Click on the pencil, Edit icon
  2. Select a From date
  3. Select a To date
  4. Click Save
Note:  You will see a green confirmation notice across the top of the screenTo delete a Secret URL
  1. Click on Portfolio tab
  2. Click Shared by me tab
  3. Click on the Pages tab
  4. Click on the relevant URL icon
Note: the URL screen will open
  1. Click on the delete icon 
Note: You will see a confirmation dialog box
  1. Click OK

Standalone HTML

HTML means hypertext mark-up language. It’s the code used to create websites.  

When you export your files using the Standalone HTML website option you can open the file but sharing it could be difficult because the zip file may be too big to email. To share it you may save it to a dropbox or set it up on a free website.


In Mahara go to:
  • Burger menu
  • Portfolio

  1. Export
  2. Choose: 
  3. Standalone HTML website
  4. Just some of my collections
  5. Tick next to collection name
  6. Choose if to include comments
  7. Click: Generate export

Mahara will export your Portfolio as a Zip file

Your saved file will be a zip file like this.
Or it will sit at the bottom of your Chrome browser like this.

  • Save it to your own files/desktop/ or a USB stick.
  • Click the Index file to open it

  • Your portfolio will look like this.
  • Click any page to open it in your browser, e.g. Chrome.
  • To share it add it to a free drop box
  • or try and post the entire zip file.


When you export your files using the Leap2 option you can upload the file to a free portfolio community site. This means that you can share your portfolio more easily and update it as you learn new skills.

You will need to set up an account to Import your portfolio into.

This FREE site is set up by the Mahara group. Set up your FREE account.

(You can experiment with your own design too).

  1. Select Leap2A
  2. Choose: Some of my collections
  3. Tick the correct collection
  4. Click: Generate export

  • Open the mahara site you are importing into
  • Go to Import

Select your Leap2a file