As part of your course you may receive email messages from:

  • your tutor
  • online course notifications
  • due dates
  • group forums
  • administration

If by default these messages go to your Junk Folder you will need to change your settings so they go to your Inbox. To do this you will need to keep checking your Junk Folder to find an email or notification.

  1. Login to email

  2. Go to the Junk mail folder and find an email or notification

  3. 'Select' or 'right-click' the message and find the option 'Not Junk' or 'Mark as not junk'

  4. This should move the email from the Junk folder to your Inbox.

Future emails should then be sent to your Inbox, not the Junk folder.

If emails continue to go to the junk folder, please see:

Block or unblock senders in Outlook, scroll down to 'Stop messages from going into your Junk folder' and try the steps suggested.