Mahara Mobile

Mahara Mobile is the new Mahara app for Android and iOS that allows you to collect and create learning evidence offline and then upload it to your Mahara when you have an internet connection.

You will need:

  • Phone - browser and app store access
  • Computer – Mahara access

There are links, demos and a manual on the Mahara home page:

Finding the app

The Mahara App is available through GooglePlay and iTunes. 

Find and download the Mahara Mobile App.

Adding your Mahara URL

The address of your Mahara is
You can also find it in the address bar of your Mahara page

 Add the address 

Click: next 

Adding a Mahara Token

Choose ‘Paste in access token’


You will now need to get the token by going to Mahara in your web browser.


In your web browser go to Mahara

Go to Settings and select Apps


Click: Generate

Highlight and copy the access token

  • Return to the Mahara app on your phone

  • Paste the number into the Access token field. 
    Or write the number in the access token’ box.
  • Click: Proceed