Choose course

Open the course you wish to a add the H5P activity to.


Turn editing on



Choose/edit section

Go to the required section.

If you need to name the Section, click on the pen.


Add an activity

Click on the arrow to open the section

Click on:



Select H5P and click: Add


•Name your activity

•Write a brief description

•Check the box if you would like the description displayed for students


Choose activity type

You can create activities in Moodle (Create Content) or on the H5P site and then upload to Moodle

Open the drop-down to display types of activities

Or search for activity types


Details: gives your more information about an activity including Tutorials and Examples.

Get: will install the activity


To choose the activity click:

To choose a different activity click the back arrow



You can view a Tutorial and Example before you start

Then fill in the required fields marked with a red asterix and create your activity