On the Dashboard page find and open your course.


Click on the Participants link on the left-hand side of the course page.

The Participants page will list everyone enrolled in your course. 
Additional details such as Student ID numbers, email addresses, Roles e.g. Student, Tutor, Non-editing tutor etc, and last access to the course can also be found here.

Click the Enrol users button on the right-hand side of the Participants page.

A new window will display where you can Search for the students details. You can search using the students first name, last name, Login ID or email address.

Type in the students name or login ID to list potential enrolments 

If you do not see the participants name on the list:
  • Try another way of searching for them: Login ID or Student ID number
  • They may not be fully enrolled (EA) in Artena*
  • They may not have logged into WelTec Moodle before**
  • Check they are not already enrolled in the course***

* In some cases student accounts are automatically created once they are fully enrolled (EA) in ARTENA. If a student has not completed their enrolment they will not be set up in WelTec Moodle.

** Whitireia staff and students need to login to WelTec Moodle here: https://moodle.weltec.ac.nz/login/ with the same Login ID and Password they use to access Whitireia Moodle. Once this is done a WelTec Moodle profile will be set up that can then be enrolled into a course.

*** If a participant is already enrolled in a course their name will not be listed during this search.

If you are still not able to find your student, email tefl@wandw.ac.nz and we can check if the participant has a WelTec Moodle profile.


Select the listed names one by one to add them to the Selected users

You can search for and add multiple users at the same time.


Check Assign role is set to Student.

Click the Enrol users button to add the students to your course.


The student names will now be on the Participants list.

There are additional icons to the right of each participants name under Status, this includes Enrolment details, Edit and Delete options.

Navigate back to the course using the breadcrumb