Uploading and submitting individual work


Your tutor may require you to upload a file or assignment onto your online course. To do this,  prepare your individual work and save it on your computer or USB drive. 


  1. Login to your  Moodle course and locate the Assignment  activity:





The details of the assignment will be outlined here, including the status, due date and if there are any comments  on the submission for you to view and respond to.


  1. Click the Add submission button to begin uploading your file:




  1. You can either Drag and Drop your file into the submission area OR click the Add  icon to open the File Picker*




* Steps 4 and 5 show how to upload a file using the File picker, please disregard these steps if using the Drag and Drop method to upload your  files.


  1. Once the File picker window opens, select ‘Upload a file’ from the side menu and then click the Choose file button:



  1. Locate your file on your computer or USB drive and either double-click it OR click the Open button to select and add the file:




  1. The file will be added to the File submission area, click the Save changes button to submit your file: