Open the course you wish to a add a Forum to.




Go to the section you need the Forum to be in.

If you need to name the Section, click on the pen.


Enter the title, Enter to save.




Choose Forum


Enter a Forum name and description.


Select tick box to display description on course page, visible to students.

Select a Forum type.



Change settings if you would like students to add attachments or limit post word count.


Choose how you would like the students to subscribe to the Forum.



You can limit the number of posts by an individual to avoid anyone dominating the discussion.

Choose a time period and the number of posts before blocking.

A warning will appear on the student's page.



Warning that there are limits on post.


Visible setting needs to be "Show" for students to be able to see the Forum.

If you have created Groups you can change the visibility of posts between Groups.



If you would like interaction in the Forum to be a course requirement you change the Completion Tracking Settings.



There will be a checkbox to the right of the Forum to indicate participation is a course requirement.

Once the requirements are met, a tick will appear.


When settings are complete Select:


To make changes select Edit.