The following will provide step-by-step instruction to enable/install the Flash Player for Google Chrome and to allow Flash components to load while using the Whitireia Online (Moodle) site.

In a new Google Chrome window, type

This will display the different software components installed on Google Chrome.


Within the Components list, look for
Adobe Flash Player and click the
[Check for update] button.

This will update and/or install the Adobe Flash Player software for Google Chrome.


We also suggest you always allow the Whitireia Online (Moodle) website to load Flash content.

Type: into the Chrome address bar


Click on the [View site information] icon

Locate Flash then click the options adjacent


Make sure that
[Always allow on this site] is selected


If this appears click [Reload]

Then continue to login and see if you are now able to access the SCORM packages.