Wireless/WiFi Access

Wireless Internet Access is provided across all WelTec and Whitireia campuses for staff, students, and business partners. The wireless/WiFi "name" (SSID) is:

  • eduroam: (education roaming), allows secure wireless access at  our campuses and at other participating campuses around NZ and the world!
    For more information and to get connected to eduroam [CLICK HERE for further Info]

  • cdbfree: Is a free and open wireless network for Visitors and Guests at the Te Auaha campus

  • CP-Prod and WWProd: are for WelTec and Whitireia owned devices in use by Staff only (these networks grants a slightly higher, more trusted level of access to services)

    The login details for the Wireless are the same as for campus computers

How To:
Listed below are documents on how to connect to the wireless at Whitireia or Weltec and the various devices that you may have.ie. Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Android and Apple IOS.

Problem Solving:

There can be issues with connecting to the wireless network on your own devices remove or "forget" the network and then reconnect to the Wi-Fi. This usually happens if your network password is changed and you have forgotten to also update the Wi-Fi password on your mobile device!

  • Forget Wireless Network - Android or Apple devices (click link)

  • Forgetting a Wireless Network in Windows

    • Go to Settings , select Network & wireless  / WiFi  / Manage known networks, then select the network name and select Forget.
      This deletes the associated settings on your phone.
      Next, go back to the list of WiFi networks, select the network, then try to connect again. Type the password again if necessary.

    • If there aren't any Wi‑Fi networks listed when you expect one or more to appear, go to Settings  / Network & wireless  / WiFi , turn off WiFi, and then turn it back on.

      It may help to turn off Bluetooth while trying to connect to WiFi, which can operate on the same frequency, creating interference. 

      • To turn off Bluetooth, go to Settings , then select Devices  / Bluetooth & other devices , and then turn off Bluetooth.