Connecting to WelTec-BYOD with Windows 7/8

  • Click on the wireless icon on taskbar on bottom right of desktop.

  • Click on the WelTec-BYOD wireless connection.

  • Click connect. Connect automatically is set by default. If you would prefer to manually connect each time deselect this.

  • Enter your WelTec user name and password and click ok.

  • Click connect to complete connection

  • The WelTec-BYOD wireless is now connected


Connecting to WelTec-BYOD with an Android Device

·        In settings click on Wi-Fi. Select WelTec-BYOD

·        Make sure the Phase2 Authentication is set to MSCHAPV2, then enter your username in the identity field and password in the password field

·        When connected the WelTec-BYOD line will indicate this by showing "Connected"


Connecting to WelTec-BYOD with IOS/iPhones/iPads

·        In settings click on Wi-Fi. Select WelTec-BYOD.


·        Enter your WelTec user name and password and click Join.


·        Click accept to enter the wireless certificate to your ipad


NOTE: When you are visiting a Whitireia campus you can login to the Whitireia Wireless Network by adding weltec\ before your usual username e.g. weltec\sophie.pascoe01 and then your password.